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Eurostar ticket London to Paris

Buying a Eurostar ticket is easy online. The Eurostar to France train service is a dream come true for those of us who enjoy a high speed service, quick check in times and even discount afres starting from only £55 have resulted in a huge increase in passengenger numbers using the Eurostar London to Paris service.

It is hard to imagine that travelling by Train to France from London used to take almost 7 hours and involved either a ferry crossing or a hovercroft. The new high speed Eurostar London to Paris service will now only take just over 2 hours which is a big advantage compared to short haul flights wher you are often checking in 2 hours before departure and some of the budget airlines land almost an hour commute from Paris !

London to Paris flights are also often delayed compared to the impressive Eurostar to France service that has breaking punctuality records with their efficient service. If you are also considering a weekend break by Eurostar you will also realise your time is precious so your best option will be the Eurostar London to Paris connection which will get your weekend break off to a quick start !

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